There’s nothing scarier than getting to know that you could be leisurely relaxing in your home that seems seemingly perfect on the outside, while termites spend their days and nights whiling away at the wood of your home and destroying its structure. Would you know about the risk due to termites?

Nope. You’ll only get to know when there are dents, holes, and dangerous architectural and structural issues, as termites start at the bottom, the most important structural area, and work their way upwards. Most homeowners will realize this after extensive damage has already been done to the internal structure of their homes.

This is why they are known as the ‘Silent Destroyers‘ and Oh Boy! Do they for sure live up to their name! And this is what is most scary about termites. They don’t go running around between your legs and scaring the living hell out of you when you’re in the bathroom for some me-time. But they silently work away at destroying the insides of your house, until one day you realize that something is off.

But by the time that you realize the presence of termites, it may be too late to deal with them, as they could’ve already hollowed out the structure of the entirety of your home. Termites are noted to cause about 5 Million in property damage each year, which is concerning to know, especially when you realize that you might just be one of the people who spend for the cause of a termite infestation next.

Not only this, but it is also scary that termites are almost impossible to get rid of entirely. They multiply rapidly and live in huge colonies. When the ground warms up during the spring season, they begin stirring and coming out of their wintering spots in search of a home to infest. They could just look like harmless flying ants, and homeowners just wave them off and not pay attention to them. But by the time one finds discarded wings on window sills and elsewhere, it may be noted that the termites could have occupied the structure of the home, which at this point is an infestation that is already out of hand.

Termites are present in almost 70 countries over the world, and certain species are more harmful than others. Some of the most common and most harmful species of termites areas listed below:

  • * Subterranean termites
  • * Formosan termites
  • * Dampwood termites
  • * Drywood termites

But no matter the species of termites, they’re all almost equally as destructive. There are some things to consider if you’re wondering if your home is infected by these silent destroyers, which are termites.

  • * Do you live in an area with termites?
  • * Have your neighbors ever faced a termite problem?
  • * Are there any leaks of water or wet grounds near you?


Do you live in an area with termites?

If you live in an area with termites, you’re already at the risk of a termite infestation. And to top it all off, almost every humid place would have a population of termites. This probability in itself should prompt you to get a termite inspector for your home before you move in. A termite control Dubai will do their job the best and tell you if you’re in any danger of a termite infestation. This should be a compulsory step that all homeowners should follow, so as not to lose the structure of their home to a swarm of termites. Termites thrive in warmer climates. If you live in such an area, you might wanna take your termite infestation risk seriously.

Have your neighbors ever faced a termite problem?

If you have neighbors who have faced a termite infestation before, you might be at a high risk of a termite infestation too. Termites are almost always colony livers, and once a colony forms and proper action isn’t taken, it could spell danger for all the houses in the neighborhood. Once settled down, termite swarmers, especially the reproductive swarmers fly in search of humid places to reproduce. They look like winged ants, and people could overlook them as harmless. But once these winged reproductive swarmers reproduce in your house, it will become almost impossible to find out their existence till the day your walls sound hollow.

Are there any leaks of water or wet grounds near you?

One of the main requirements that termites face when choosing a new dwelling place is the presence of moisture. They need to and love to stay near moisture-rich soil. If you have a water leak making the soil around your house wet or your home drenched, your home could look attractive to termite swarmers when they’re in search of a place to reproduce. A small leak under your house, a leak around your air conditioning unit, could all lead to making your home seem more attractive to termites. You can reduce the risk of an infestation by keeping a close tab of how much moisture there is, around your home, and making sure that there isn’t a leak under the structures of your home.

All these being said, what to do if your home is at the risk due to termites? 

First of all, never underestimate these tiny creatures and the power that they hold over the foundation of your home. They may look tiny and harmless, but they literally have the power to bring your home down to nothing. The best thing would be to search for termite pest control in Dubai, as termites don’t just leave without a cause and reason. They’re already hard to get rid of, so don’t make it worse for yourself by trying to deal with them all by yourself, and instead hand it over to a specialist who will not only terminate these termites but also take good care of your home and give you guidance on taking good care of your home without help in the far future, so that it doesn’t get infected again


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